Each year we find several children who are in need of the gift of hearing. It is truly heartwarming to see their faces light up when they put on their new hearing aids. These children have been blessed with the gift of hearing because of our Kite Festival sponsors and other contributors.   
 Dr. Carrie Drew with the Baylor University Audiology Clinic presents recommendations of  children who are in need of our help. The Heart of Texas Sertoma Club then provides the hearing evaluations and fittings. Sertoma tries to fit at least 15-20 hearing aids each year. Each fitting costs between $500-$1200 in funding. Most children have hearing loss in both ears and therefore require two new aids. We fit each child with new, state-of-the-art hearing instruments.
If you would like to contact Dr. Carrie Drew at the Baylor Audiology Clinic directly, for an appointment or otherwise, just call her at 254-710-2568. For more information on services, visit the Communication Sciences & Disorders of Baylor Univeristy through the link to the right.

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"Our car ride from your office was the first time in 3 years that we've been able to have a conversation. Not only have you given her independence back, Mom's confidence has been renewed. I can't thank you enough." -Brentron Scaggs  
The Twins
Some of our recent hearing aid recipients!

If you would like to help the Heart of Texas Sertoma Club to continue  this most deserving  program, then please