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​We meet the first and third Friday of each month at noon at the Egg & I restaurant on Franklin.

 Our 13th Annual Kitefest is May 4, 2019 from 10am-3pm at the HOTMAC field in Speegleville Park.

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A 501(c)(3) Tax-Deductible Service Organization
To be considered for membership, please review the following information
  The Heart of Texas Sertoma Club is a made up of caring individuals who are dedicated to helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  This dedication is in our very name, in that Sertoma means SERvice TO MAnkind.

Our primary focus is in meeting the needs of hearing impaired children in Central Texas through the funding of diagnostics and hearing aids for those whose families are unable to afford them otherwise. We also provide scholarships to hard-of-hearing students who wish to further their education.

Providing Hearing Aids, Audiometers & Otoscopes

Providing Scholarships to Qualified High School Senior & Existing College Students

The clear majority of the funding for these service projects comes from our fundraising efforts. Our largest fundraiser is the annual Kite Festival, held the first Saturday every May at the HOTMAC field in Speegleville. Corporate and individual sponsorship for this event allows us the capability to meet the needs of those who request our help every year. 

“There is nothing that compares to attending a child’s first fitting for hearing
aids. The raw emotion of watching as that child hears their parent's voice
for the very first time absolutely validates all the work that we do.”

Any individual regardless of race, national origin, sex or religion who is willing to commit their time, talent and resources to further the goals of the Heart of Texas Sertoma Club and/or Sertoma International is encouraged to apply.

Meetings are held on designated Fridays at noon. Generally, these meetings are held once a month during June, July, and August; twice a month during May, September, October, November, Decemberand January; and held every week during February, March and April.

Each Active Member is required to pay dues every three (3) months in the amount of $30.00 that is then divided to cover Local, District, Regional and International Dues as well as the subscription to the SERTOMAN Magazine.

“Connecting those who are called to serve with those who can not hear the call”
To the left is a link button that takes you to the printable Heart Of Texas Sertoma Club Membership Application. 

Please mail your
application to:
H.O.T. Sertoma
P.O.Box 8710
Waco, Texas 76714

There are a variety of ways to contact members of The Heart of Texas Sertoma Club to submit your membership application.  Use the CONTACT US PAGE LINK button to the right to discover which would be best for you.  We would love to have you work with us to help the deaf and hearing impaired children of Central Texas.  Thank you for your interest in our club.